Huge £7,200 Compensation After Landlord Did Not Protect Tenant’s Deposit

In October 2016, Magdalena rented a three-bedroom house in South London, signing a 12-month AST with a substantial deposit of £1,800.00. In addition, our client signed a further five 12-month tenancies at the property.

Magdalena lived in the property for a total of 7 years, had no arrears and by her own admission, her time at the property was good. The property was well maintained and as a very house-proud tenant, she was happy that any issues or repairs were resolved within a reasonable timeframe during her stay at the house.

Our client did state that the property wasn’t very clean when she moved in, but she set about making a dirty house a clean home for her and her family.

Upon vacating the property, our client was shocked and very upset to learn that the landlord wanted to deducted over £700 from her deposit for cleaning alone. Magdalena had left the property in better condition than which she found it, so you can imagine her dismay at this proposed deduction.

At this stage, with help from her daughter, Magdalena read Tenant Angels’ reviews online and decided to get in touch to see if these tenancy deposit deductions were legal, and what could she do to defend herself.

Tenant Angels carried out all the required checks free of charge and discovered that our client’s deposit was initially protected late, it was then removed from the scheme entirely and remained unprotected for the remainder of Magdalena’s stay at the property.

Having gathered all necessary evidence, Tenant Angels and our partner solicitor secured a whopping out of court settlement of £5,400.00, plus the full return of our client’s deposit of £1,800.00, totalling a claim of £7,200.00*.

Magdalena was absolutely thrilled! Having been faced with a £700 deduction from her deposit equating to 38%, to receiving such a huge sum of money as compensation was life-changing.

Magdalena told Tenant Angels;

In her review, Magdalena writes;

You can read Magdalena’s 5-star review in full on Google: Google review.

*All claims are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis

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