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Is my tenancy deposit protected?

Who should check?

All tenants who are currently living in or who have previously rented under the terms of an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy).

If you’re not sure if your deposit was protected that’s often a pretty clear sign it hasn’t been. 

You should have been provided with lots of information regarding where that money is held, so you can get it back at the end. 

It’s quite possible it wasn’t registered and you might have a claim, for the full value of the deposit plus up to 3x that amount in compensation per breach.

How can I check?

By entering some basic information about your tenancy on each of the schemes websites you can quickly see if they have a record of the deposit being registered. You can do this for your current property or one you have moved out from.

The 3 tenancy deposit scheme providers each have a website you can use to check. You’ll need the property postcode, tenancy start date, tenancy deposit amount and the names of any tenants listed on the agreement.

Alternatively we will happily check everything for you completely free of charge. (If your deposit is not showing up in any of the schemes above, contact us ASAP as you may well have a claim).

Is my tenancy deposit protected?

What to do next?

If you have checked all 3 sites it is important you take action so as not to lose out.

My tenancy deposit protected?

If the searches show the deposit is protected. 

Assuming the deposit was protected within 30 days of you paying it, and you were provided with evidence of that direct from the scheme, it would mean your landlord has followed the legislation and you wouldn’t have a case.

If you are still living in the property it is important you contact the scheme holding the deposit & ensure you have all the necessary information to get the deposit back when you move out. 

It is also important to confirm the deposit was registered within 30 days of you paying it. If your deposit was protected more than 30 days after you paid it, your landlord has breached the strict guidelines that surround how deposits should be held. 

The quickest way to find out is to phone the scheme directly.

It looks like you have a claim!


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