Nearly £4k Awarded To Tenant After Deposit Removed From Scheme Early

Our client, Mrs K.B rented a property in Northampton, signing a 12-month AST and paid a tenancy deposit of £1,096.00.

During their stay at the property, which started in June 2022, the landlord displayed a very obvious dislike for completing repairs in a timely fashion. Our client told us it took over 6 months to have a boiler repaired and the landlord also made several excuses to avoid having a leak in the bathroom fixed, which caused the issue to deteriorate and drip through to the kitchen appliances below!

Mrs K.B had decided to leave the property in May 2024 and it was at this stage our client began to check to see where her deposit was protected and to confirm the amount of the deposit they had paid. A record of the deposit was found with My Deposits, however, the scheme confirmed that the deposit had been removed by the landlord after just 4 days, which we believe is a new record set by any landlord or agent to remove the deposit early!

During check out, the landlord had attempted to retain part of the deposit based on the claim that no dogs were permitted at the property. Fortunately, our client had been careful to ensure that permission was collected in writing at the start of the tenancy and was able to provide more than enough proof, allowing the solicitor representing Mrs K.B to write off the landlords’ claims with ease.

Within just 10 days of the Letter Before Action being received by the landlord, Tenant Angels and our partner solicitor was able to secure an out of court settlement of £2,740.00, plus the full return of our client’s deposit of £1,096.00, totalling a claim of £3,836*.

Mrs K.B commented;

Mrs K.B had told us that she works in the legal sector and may have been able to take the case on herself, however she added;

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*All claims are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis

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