Tenant Awarded £1,500 After Letting Agent Failed To Protect Tenancy Deposit

Our client, Miss N.J. rented a flat in Nottingham on a 6-month Assured Shorthold Tenancy from December 2022. The property was listed and managed by a local letting agent in Nottingham and Miss N.J. paid a deposit of £750.00.

The tenancy started on a less than ideal footing, as the property had not been cleaned by the previous tenants. The letting agent had proposed to Miss N.J. that they would reimburse her of any professional cleaning costs required, however, Miss N.J. rolled up her sleeves and got the job done herself and to her high standards, after all, this was her new home.

Miss N.J. remained at the property for the duration of the tenancy agreement, had no arrears and vacated the flat in August 2023. The property was left clean and tidy, as she would have hoped to find it herself. Miss N.J. even recalls the letting agent praising the condition of the flat as she handed back the keys.

Despite leaving the tenancy on such good terms, Miss N.J. struggled to receive a response from the letting agent regarding the return of her £750.00 deposit. In fact, weeks went by without acknowledgement from the letting agent, leaving our client out of pocket and particularly dismayed.

Bearing in mind our client left the property in August, it was now almost Christmas, Miss N.J. searched online for help and having read reviews about our service, she reached out to us at Tenant Angels to see if we can assist her with the return of her tenancy deposit.

In a matter of hours, we discovered a common reason for the delay and silent treatment from the letting agent, the deposit had not been placed in a tenancy deposit scheme.

Miss N.J. was a model tenant, she did absolutely everything by the book and with our help, managed to secure the return of her deposit in full, plus an additional £750.00 as compensation, a total claim of £1,500.00.*

Our client told us;

Miss N.J. was kind enough to leave us a review on TrustPilot, which you can read here.

*All claims are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis. The total amount of money paid to Miss N.J. after fees was £750 (deposit in full) plus £375 in compensation.

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