Tenant Hopes To Inspire Others With His £2,520 Deposit Protection Claim

In March 2021, whilst living at a B&B, Ian met a local businessman who kindly offered Ian the opportunity to rent a property he owned.

Ian paid a deposit of £630.00 and moved in that month on an initial 6-month AST which then reverted to a periodic tenancy up until the moment Ian moved out in February 2023.

Our client was very forthcoming when talking about his personal challenges with health, both mentally and physically. He also told us of the benefits he receives to support him in his daily life, which is not a life as lavish as some media outlets may lead you to believe.

Upon vacating the property, Ian was notified that more than 50% of his deposit would not be returned to him (£330.00), despite early verbal promises that he would receive his deposit back in full. This situation proved to be very stressful for Ian, with financial concerns and his mental health at risk.

Ian contacted Tenant Angels for help. He knew it was unfair that such a large chunk of his deposit would not be returned and this was money he desperately relied on to move into his next property.

Our client told us;

We performed all of our usual free checks for Ian and soon found that Ian’s deposit was not protected and based on our client’s feedback, it may have been placed in the landlord’s own saving account, although this has not been confirmed.

Following a successful tenancy deposit compensation claim, with the help of our partner law firm, we were able secure an out of court settlement of £1,890.00, plus the full return of our client’s deposit of £630.00, totalling a claim of £2,520.00*.

Ian added;

*All claims are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis

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