Tenant Wins Deposit Claim Against HMO Landlord

Our client, Mr A.D.P rented a room in an HMO (house of multiple occupancy) in the city of London and paid a deposit of £750.00. During his stay at the property, our client signed two tenancy agreements, one at the start of his tenancy in May 2022, and another in January 2023 when one of the other occupants of the property moved out, and a new tenant moved in.

Our client was very upfront in disclosing that he left the property before the end of his tenancy agreement, which was due to end in March 2024, however he fulfilled his contractual obligations and paid his rent until the end of his contract, therefore leaving the property with no arrears.

After conducting thorough checks on behalf of our client, we found that his tenancy deposit was not protected and although his deposit was returned in full when Mr A.D.P left the property, we were satisfied that the evidence available allowed us to pursue a tenancy deposit protection compensation claim against the landlord for failure to place the deposit in a government approved scheme as required under the Housing Act 2004.

With the help of Tenant Angels and our partner solicitor, Mr A.D.P received an out of court settlement claim of £1,500.00, which was in addition to the deposit he had already received.

Mr A.D.P commented;

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