Untrustworthy Letting Agent Results in £1,300 Tenancy Deposit Claim

Abhiremya rented a property in Leeds from a letting agent, signing a 12-month AST and paid a tenancy deposit of £520.00.

Some cases are a little more complicated than others and at Tenant Angels, we treat every single case with the individual care it requires, so when Abhiremya explained her situation, we did everything we could to get the result she needed.

Abhiremya moved into the property in October 2023 and during the application process, she openly and honestly informed the letting agent that there was a good chance she may not be able to fulfil the 12-month agreement they insisted on due to the nature of her employment visa. During this time, it was pre-agreed that Abhiremya would be able to surrender the property early without risking her tenancy deposit, on the basis she would assist with finding a replacement tenant and the property would not sit empty. Both parties agreed with the understanding that the deposit may be used to cover any unoccupied time at the property, which was reasonable.

Fast forward to February 2024, sadly Abhiremya’s work visa was due to expire unless she secured new employment and she notified the agent she would need to surrender the property under their prior agreement. Over the following weeks, Abhiremya lined up several viewings for potential tenants. Each tenant was rejected based on age, profession and a whole host of unreasonable requirements the letting agent had decided on pretty much off the cuff.

At this stage, our client was resigned to the idea that she would not be able to find a ‘suitable’ replacement tenant and she would lose her deposit. She wasn’t getting any communication back from the letting agent and the time had come to move out of the property.

A few weeks later, Abhiremya visited a friend that lived opposite the property that she used to rent. She was informed that a new tenant moved in later the very same day that Abhiremya moved out and upon further investigation, this was actually confirmed by the new tenant of her former home.

After reading several reviews on TrustPilot, Abhiremya contacted Tenant Angels with her case and we are thrilled to report that with our help, our client was awarded an out of court settlement in excess of £1,300.00*.

Abhiremya told us;

*All claims are handled on a no-win, no-fee basis

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