About us




In 2011, husband & wife and now Tenant Angels directors, Daniel & Emma moved into their first flat together. It was a small one bed property which sadly developed terrible mould problems in the bathroom and the landlord refused to take any remedial action. Dan & Emma stayed in the property for six months, before deciding to move on, at which time, the landlord decided to keep £280 of their deposit as an ‘admin fee’ for the return of the deposit (sounds fishy right!?).

On to house number 2. Dan & Emma lived here for a few years, the property was OK, a few issues and but nothing major and the letting agency appeared to be reasonable. At the end of the tenancy, Dan & Emma pack up, had the house cleaned and they wait… and wait… and wait. Around 3 months go by and suddenly the agency hit them with a bill for their deposit, claiming for marks on walls, weeds in the garden, and even suggesting the carpets need replacing, despite Dan & Emma replacing the carpets six months before they moved out. The agency refused to give Dan & Emma their £700 deposit back.

The next adventure had taken Dan & Emma across the Country where they would encounter their worst landlord so far!

The property was a beautiful 4 bedroom house which despite its stunning exterior, turned out to be riddled with mould, damp and worse still, the landlord who lived right next door, would let themselves into the property at any given time and were quick to blame Dan & Emma for the problems within the property, despite having just moved in! This particular adventure didn’t last long and yes, you guessed it, the landlords unfairly kept the deposit, again!

After 3 terrible experiences in the rental market, enough was enough and they decided to look for help. After days of searching online, they soon found that very little help existed for tenants that were unfairly treated by rogue landlords. Anyone they did find that might be able to help, wanted to charge them large sums of money upfront just for some advice and a short consultation, which isn’t helpful for a couple who had already been set back financially when landlords decided to keep their deposit.

Having got past the initial frustration at the lack of help available for tenants, they set out speaking with clients, close friends and people in the local community about their experience. Dan & Emma ran a marketing consultancy at the time and had just taken on a new client, who was a solicitor that had just started out in Birkenhead. In 2016, after several long conversations, research, and hours of brushing up on the laws for England & Wales, Tenant Angels was born in their spare room as a result of one too many landlords trying to steal their money and generally making their lives miserable.

Four years on and after lots of ups and downs, they have learned everything they possibly can about tenants rights and they’ve partnered with almost a dozen wonderful law firms – which means Tenant Angels have been able to help thousands of tenants all over the Country and guess what… they don’t lose any more sleep about rogue landlords and nor do the tenants they help.