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Since April 2007, by law and as set out in the Housing Act 2004, landlords have an obligation to pay deposits received from tenants into one of 3 tenancy deposit protection schemes, which are;

  1. DPS (Deposit Protection Service)
  2. MyDeposits
  3. TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme)

Deposits must be paid into one of the schemes within 30 days of the date on which the deposit was paid by the tenant. Landlords and agents must also provide this information to the tenants, to ensure tenants are fully aware.

If this is not done correctly, landlords will be subject to a financial penalty, which is awarded to the tenant for breach of their rights.

Tenant Angels was set up to give tenants a voice, to ensure every single tenant, all over England & Wales were aware of their legal rights and should we find that landlords or their agents have not followed legal guidance, we will take action on behalf of tenants.

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We have been in your shoes and even to this day, we rent just like you. After a bad experience many years ago, we founded Tenant Angels to ensure every tenant had a voice and a guardian angel looking out for your rights!


We may not be able to help absolutely everyone, as each set of circumstances can be a little different, but we'll always be 100% genuine and upfront with you and like all angels, we'll look out for you the best we can, all FREE of charge & no obligation.

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We earn an honest living by helping tenants raise tenancy deposit claims and take on their rogue landlords. We are paid for this work directly by the solicitors we work with, meaning that when you work with us, it won't cost you a penny.


If any of the below apply to you, you may have a claim

Deposit Not Protected

If you know for certain the tenancy deposit you paid to your landlord was not protected, it is very likely you have a claim. All you need is your tenancy agreement to get started.

Deposit Protected Late

Even if your deposit was protected, if you suspect it was after 30 days of you making the payment, you may have a claim. It could still be that your tenancy deposit was not protected.

Unfair Deductions

All 3 deposit protection schemes have a free dispute resolution service when it comes to getting your deposit back. If your deposit was unfairly deducted, it might be due to a status of tenancy deposit not protected.

Didn't Return Your Deposit

If your landlord has refused or been unable to return your deposit, it may be because the deposit was not placed in an approved protection scheme.

No Deposit Information Given

If you did not receive a letter or email from one of the 3 approved deposit protection schemes, it is very possible that your tenancy deposit was not protected correctly.

Stayed Longer Than Your Initial Agreement

Tenancy deposits must remain protected by one of the 3 approved schemes for the whole duration of your tenancy, so if you stayed in the property beyond your initial agreement, we can check to see if the protection scheme was also extended.

How to make a tenancy deposit compensation claim

These are the steps we take to claim compensation for you, if your tenancy deposit wasn't protected correctly.

The very first thing we’ll do is check that you have a claim for compensation if your deposit wasn’t protected.

You could have a claim if your landlord failed to;

  • Protect your deposit within 30 days of you paying it.
  • Give you confirmation in writing that your deposit was protected, within 30 days.
  • Protect your deposit for the whole duration of your tenancy, including if you live in the property for longer than your initial term.

Once we have established that you are likely to have claim, we’ll then review your tenancy documents for you completely free of charge. These checks are just to ensure you have sufficient evidence that your landlord requested a tenancy deposit, the value, dates, and so on.

This part of the process is known as a ‘letter before action’ notice and is prepared and sent to your landlord by our panel of solicitors. This letter will set out the detail of your claim and must be sent before we can start your court claim for tenancy deposit compensation. 

The next step is to make a formal application to the court for a tenancy deposit compensation claim. Our panel of solicitors will prepare all of this for you, using the information and evidence we gathered in the early stages of the claim process.

As part of the court application process, your landlord will receive a copy of the completed claim form.

As a result, your landlord may;

  • Agree with your claim and pay in full, or;
  • They make you an offer to settle.

If you’re happy with the offer, you can decide to withdraw your claim on the condition that the settlement offer is paid, in addition to any fees.

In most cases, you will be represented in court by a solicitor and you will not be required to attend in person.

The judge will review all of the evidence we submit and will then make a decision about your tenancy deposit compensation claim.

Your claim is on a no-win, no-fee basis. So we only take a small percentage of your compensation claim if we win. If we lose, you won’t pay a penny.

Our team will advise you every step of the way and ensure you are fully aware of all the details.