How Much Does A Tenancy Deposit Claim Cost

We’re always totally upfront and all of our advice & checks are completely free of charge

Are There Costs Involved When Making A Tenancy Deposit Compensation Claim

Nothing To Lose

Zero Upfront Legal Costs

There are zero upfront legal fees. We’ll review and qualify your claim for you completely free of charge and we partner with various wonderful law firms that pay us directly.
Tenant Angels Solicitors

100% Free Deposit Checks & Advice

One of the big reasons we set up Tenant Angels is due to the lack of free and impartial advice and support available to tenants in England & Wales. So, all of our checks, our advice and our time is completely free of charge and absolutely no-obligation to proceed if you don’t want to.
No Win No Fee

No-Win, No-Fee Payouts

Our partner solicitors work on a true no-win, no-fee agreement. During a successful claim, you will be take 75% of the awarded compensation and the solicitor who presented your claim will take 25%. For example, if you paid a £500 deposit and we found 2 breaches, we would claim for £3,500. Once we have successfully collected the money on your behalf, if would be split. You would receive £2,625 and the solicitor would receive £875.
Free Tenancy Claim Checks

In Other Words, It Won't Cost You A Penny!

You have nothing to lose by working with Tenant Angels and it will only take a few minutes of your time to answer some simple questions to establish if you have a claim and maybe a little longer if you have to take a look in your loft for your tenancy agreement!
If you need help or perhaps you would just like a friendly chat, get in touch today or you can get started by clicking the button below.

Why Choose Tenant Angels To Handle Your Tenancy Deposit Claim

Tenant Angels was set up to give tenants a voice, to ensure every single tenant, all over England & Wales were aware of their legal rights and should we find that landlords or their agents have not followed legal guidance, we will take action on behalf of tenants.

We Are Tenants

We have been in your shoes and even to this day, we rent just like you. After a bad experience many years ago, we founded Tenant Angels to ensure every tenant had a voice and a guardian angel looking out for your rights!

Honest Advice

We may not be able to help absolutely everyone, as each set of circumstances can be a little different, but we'll always be 100% genuine and upfront with you and like all angels, we'll look out for you the best we can, all FREE of charge & no obligation.

100% Free

We earn an honest living by helping tenants raise disputes and take on their rogue landlords. We are paid for this work directly by the solicitors we work with, meaning that when you work with us, it won't cost you a penny.

We've Helped Hundreds of Tenants All Over England & Wales With Tenancy Deposit Claims